Estate Planning

Estate planning provides peace of mind knowing that your intentions and loved ones are safeguarded. The right plan achieves a wide range of objectives: avoidance of probate, protecting beneficiaries, elimination or reduction of taxes, management of important decisions and assets in the event of illness or incapacity.

Trusted Law Corporation is committed to delivering customized estate plans that protect your intentions and loved ones.  We approach estate planning in a relatable and caring way so you understand your options and make the right choices for you and your family.

Trust Administration

When a loved one passes away with a Trust, certain steps must be taken to comply with state law, to preserve the federal estate tax exclusion amount, and to change title to assets. This is called Trust Administration. The complexity of the administration depends on the number and type of assets, their total value, and whether the trust includes tax planning provisions.

Trusted understands how important that your intentions are fulfilled. We have an experienced team ready to ensure your trust plan is executed quickly and accurately and have a team of experts in taxation, insurance, and retirement plans available to assist.


Assets not allocated to a trust must go through a court-supervised procedure called probate.  During probate, assets are managed by a court appointed representative who must report to the court and ask for permission to distribute the assets. The length of time and probate costs depend on the size and complexity of the estate, local rules and probate court schedule.

Trusted Law Corporation expertly guides beneficiaries through the probate process with sensitivity and compassion, while expediting the process as stress-free and efficient as possible.  If your situation requires, we also have experienced litigators on staff to fight any court challenges.